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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 6, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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area suffered damage from the storm in the guantanamo province. some people reporting minor injuries because of the storm. bonnie snyder is here to take over for the second shift from bill karins. you're saying not all the projections agree. >> that's true. while the track has shifted least, there are still some models that put it further west. when the national hurricane center put together the forecast track, they tried to put together a consensus between those two. we're still going to get another track at 5:00 a.m. we want to make sure everybody doesn't let their guardian down and takes it seriously. >> i'm looking at the eye. we've got this enormous wall of radar. what do you see of note inside
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the eye? >> the hurricane hunters were able to detect concentric eye walls. we have two eye walls right here. typically when we have that, we tend to see what's happening as an eye wall replacement cycle where the larger eye wall captures the smaller one. as bill mentioned earlier, we're only seeing a little piece of the smaller one. the hurricane hunters were able to detect these concentric eye walls from space. what they were able to do was measure that they have eight nautical miles inside the inner eye wall. the outer eye wall is 60 miles per hour. hurricane hunters are still gathering information. that helps us put together the forecast. another thing we're noticing now is some of these heavier, more intense bands are just now pushing into ft. pierce and about to come into melbourne. we're seeing heavier rain work its way into melbourne. further inland, this is what's
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fascinating about the storm, the entire peninsula of florida, east and west, impacted. a big batch of rain into orlando. that's one of the reasons orlando is still under that hurricane warning. let's take a closer look at the latest coordinates of the storm. with this new advisory we have new information. it's still a category 4, that's important to note. still monstrous and very dangerous. but when we look at the location, where it is right now, still pretty far off from freeport in the grand bahamas. winds 130 miles per hour. the speed has picked up certainly from yesterday. it's relatively slow, northwest at 13. a look at the track into motion from the 11:00 p.m. advisory. we're still looking at a major hurricane, even by friday. when i say major, i mean a category 3 or stronger. and then by the time we get to saturday, we're still looking at a powerful storm at a category 2, still close to savannah and charleston. looking at this 11:00 p.m. track, what's really noticeable,
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if you zoom in right here you can see this line that sort of takes us inside the cone is away from the coast. now, the cone still covers much of the coast. that's why we still had the warnings in place. this is something to watch. right now the track could shift again. it has shifted for the benefit of florida a little further to the east. i was showing you the bands of rain coming in. you could see really heavy ones right now. that's something to keep in mind as we continue to monitor the system. we'll be watching for heavier bands to work their way through a good portion of florida. as we can see looking through much of florida, we'll be watching for heavy rain to come through. this is the outer eye wall band that the hurricane hunter detected. this is the inner eye wall. this one is measured at about eight nautical miles from the inside. it's pretty tight and pretty small. incidentally, this is where we had those category 4 winds at present. that's something to keep in mind as we go through. a couple of other things, what we can expect for storm surge.
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this is what's so important. as of 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, the storm surge forecast changed. it actually got worse. daytona to savannah, seven to 11 feet, that's really phenomenal when you're talking about storm surge. brian, one of the things of note is the reason we're seeing storm surge particularly into georgia and south carolina, we have those river and inlets. you probably remember from covering other hurricanes, the water can pile in and funnel in. this is an area we're very concerned with, in and around coastal georgia. >> bonnie, to your first point, tampa, sarasota, ft. myers, naples, i'm surprised how much weather they're getting. they're on the other side. >> that's true. we saw when the storm was pretty far off into the bahamas, we saw moisture from the gulf coming in. florida is only so wide. they're surrounded by water on all sides. it's not that shocking to get the rain bands coming further off to the west. that's why it's important not to
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let your guard down, even if you're on the west coast. we'll see fairly strong winds, certainly nothing like the east coast, but downpours as well. this is a good weekend to hunker down and not travel. >> bonnie schneider will be with us throughout the night, updating as we go along. bonnie, thank you as always. we're joined on the telephone by the mayer of cocoa beach, florida. mr. mayor, for folks who don't know where cocoa beach is, former playground of the mercury astronauts, just south of the cape canaveral area. sadly, you remain right in or just off to the side of every hurricane projection. have you done all you can at this point in the evening? >> yes, brian, thank you for having me on tonight. over the past three days, we've put out press releases. i've been on facebook and other
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social media outlets, trying to get folks to evacuate. and, you know, it's tough to do, a lot of folks don't believe it, they have big egos and just want to stay and protect their property. i certainly understand that, but once winds get above basically trip to storm force levels, above 39 miles per hour, emergency personnel cannot go out. it basically put them in harm's way. and at that point you're on your own. once the wind speeds reach that level of 39 miles per hour, folks that have stayed on the barrier islands or any location for that matter are on their own. initially these winds were expected to last for a minute of 39 miles per hour for 32 hours, reaching as high at 106.
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that was two days ago. we were putting that information out. there are still people that stayed. and they call it hunkering down, when we want them to get out of town. it's dark here. we do still have power in some of the city. but nonetheless, it's dark, it's hard to see exactly what's going on out there. daybreak will be approximately just slightly before 7:00 tomorrow morning. but the heavy winds, the hurricane-force winds will actually be upon us somewhere around 4:00 tomorrow morning, from 4:00 to about 10:00. it will be winds above 74 miles per hour. and probably toward the middle segment of that, around between 6:00 to 8:00, it will be well over 100 miles per hour. >> i've talked -- talk to folks
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about the real estate cocoa beach is on, your proximity to great national landmarks in the space program. >> yes, we're about roughly seven or eight miles south of kennedy space center. obviously where the space shuttle recently retired. we've got some new programs coming along that i really wish the rest of the country would hear more about, but we're very familiar with it here. in cocoa beach, yes, we have the ocean to the east. we also have the banana river and india river lagoon system. we're what we call a barrier island. we're approximately a half mile wide and roughly six miles long. and that, you know, certainly isn't suitable for a hurricane, especially at this magnitude. >> mayor, we'll be thinking of
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you overnight and into tomorrow morning, wishing you only the best along with your citizens, even those who have chosen, as you say, to hunker down. we hope no one has made a dangerous or fatal decision. thank you very much for joining us tonight, and very best of luck to you and your town. >> thank you, brian. appreciate it. another break in our coverage. this is indeed serious business. we tend to focus on the updates and graphics, but it's important to note at the other end of all of that, people are very scared, people are working very hard and have worked very hard for days to keep damage and deaths to a minimum. our coverage of hurricane matthew will continue right after this. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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people looking at this are probably saying, this is nothing, i've been through hundreds of these. but the worst is yet to come. get out, just get out. we can't save you. power is going to go out. you're going to lose your cellphone, you'll lose your internet, you won't be able to call for help. when you realize you're in trouble, you'll say i need it, we want get there. >> mike chitwood, he's the police chief in daytona beach, he's not fooling around. we're coming up on the midnight hour here on the east coast. the news has been quite good. all of the updates so far tonight have only brought the storm away from the coastline. those are projections from the national hurricane center. as bonnie schneider, our meteorologist, pointed out, not all the projections agree. we don't make to make too much of it for fear the storm will hear us. but we really, really, really
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join you in hoping that this became an over the ocean event. yes, the shoreline is going to get scoured. and question, there's going to be a storm surge. but perhaps we will get fortunate here and not have the damage a landfall would bring, not have the damage the eye would bring if it ran up on the i-95 corridor. michael lowery, hurricane specialist at the weather channel, joined us earlier this evening. michael, i'm anxious to hear you out on this. we all saw the 11:00 update. do you buy it, do you agree with it, anything about this storm gotten worse since we last spoke, anything scare you? >> well, look, there's been a little bit of a nudge, brian, to the east in the forecast path on this cone. i wouldn't be fooled by that quite yet, because the storm is undergoing some structural changes right now, that even if the winds come down, even if it stays a little bit offshore, we could still be dealing with some serious impacts, especially with
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the water and the potential for some really high storm surge, potentially catastrophic, still being forecast here for the northeast florida coast. i want to show you the radar and the current information, still a category 4 hurricane. hurricane hunters are in there right now, brian. as i was telling you earlier, there's an inner ring and an outer ring of thunderstorms, the ir inner eye wall and the outer eye wall. the outer eye wall is taking over, suggesting weakening may be happening, but the outer eye wall is larger than the inner eye wall. the way i liken it is, if you're in your swimming pool, use your finger to push water toward the edge of the pool. you might push it a little with your finger but if you use your warm you'll push a lot more water.
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that's the case here. you're going from an eight-mile-wide distance to now a 40 or 50 or even 60-mile-wide distance. this is a much larger system. so it has the potential here to bring some big impacts. and it's not just the storm surge. you have to also consider too the wave action, especially along this coast of florida, the first coast of florida, st. augustine, jacksonville. these are areas prone to high wave events. you're basically taking the motion, moving it into people's homes, moving it into residences and businesses, then adding the destructive power of waves on top of that. this is the historical average error from the hurricane center. if you're still in the cone, it's awfully close, brian. >> mike, point out to folks who may not be familiar with the florida sea escape where the space coast juts out, and kind of how cruel it is in relation to this storm. it was considered ideal, all these years we were launching those rockets.
8:47 pm
it almost sits out over the atlantic ocean. it gave us that benefit. it's still beingsed for that. but in this case, it's sticking out in the path of a storm skirting the coast. >> that's absolutely right, brian. a wiggle would put it right over space coast. you see it right here near melbourne, that area there is the area that brian's talking about. and again, you know, even this cone -- and brian, you know this, the cone is telling you where the center the hurricane will likely go. but one of out of every three forecasts, the center will fall outside of the cone. it's a good gauge of where the center might be, but don't take it as gospel. it's something that -- and also the cone is not telling you the impacts. the impacts can extend outside of the cone, if you have the center move to the left side the cone, and it's a bigger hurricane, then you can see the impacts extending outside of the cone.
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it's sort of a good first guess of where the center might go. but look, there's still a lot of room for this storm. when they get to this strength, they tend to do some kind of odd things. this has been doing odd things tonight. >> michael lowery, thank you very much for your advice and counsel from the weather channel as we call upon it from time to time. we're watching it at all other times. we appreciate it. michael had a hurricane specialist. and they are in dire need right now. another break in our live coverage of the arrival of hurricane matthew. we're back with more right after this. guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in riability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. on most current verizon, at&tnd t-mobile rates.
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we are back covering the projected path of matthew, very much a dangerous category 4 storm. and all of the projected paths have it coming right on up over or very near melbourne, florida, where kerry sanders is standing by for us. sorry, kerry, it's getting late for us, as i expect it is for you. how have conditions deteriorated or improved since we spoke tonight? >> reporter: it's getting a little bit worse but not dramatically worse, tropical force at best. one of the difficult things for folks who are hunkered down is that when the power goes out, the house goes dark and it
8:53 pm
changes the complexion of things. to give you an idea of how the power gets knocked out, the trees, the debris, and tropical force winds hit transformers. i was 65 miles south in ft. pierce and we actually had a transformer go off while we were there. let's take a look at this. you can see the dark sky and then in a moment you'll see that's the transformer there blowing. it fills the sky there with that bright color, and then boom, most of the lights went out. some of the lights you see are still on in that area but boom, it is gone, and likely it could be days before electricity back in some cases. i'm in melbourne, and some folks have kindly not only given us shelter but allowing us to talk to them, they've stepped outside in the rain. mike mccain, sofia kim.
8:54 pm
this is sofia's second or third month here from washington, dc. this is all new to you. what are you thinking, how are you dealing with this? >> the water, the waves were getting really rough. they were telling us to evacuate because this is going to be deadly. >> reporter: is it scary? >> yes. i've been through a tornado and earthquakes. i don't know, there's no words to describe what you go through, because you're here -- i mean, it is, it's mother nature and you're right there, on the beach, the water, and you see the waves pounding in. it's scary. >> reporter: we're about six miles inland. mike mccain, a 20-year veteran from florida, he understands what it's like to go through hurricanes. tell me, when you hear category 4, 140-mile-per-hour winds, there was no question you were going to leave the evacuation areas.
8:55 pm
>> absolutely. we tried to hang on and see how it was going to turn out, but the unpredictability was too much to bear, we needed to get out of there. >> reporter: so you're standing outside right now, i know you've spent most of the evening inside, thanks for coming out to join us. it's a little deceptive because it doesn't seem so bad. >> the worst isn't here yet. we're just hoping for the best tonight. >> reporter: thank you very much. last question, sofia, do you think you're going to be able to sleep tonight? >> no, i don't think so. >> reporter: you're in good hands, you've got a good group of people here. thank you very much for your insight. remember, it's been 11 years since we've had a hurricane in florida making landfall. that is a lot of people who have never been through a hurricane. the east coast, of course, of florida is more populated than the gulf coast. you can see the population growth that we've had here, brian, a lot of novices, understanding that mother nature
8:56 pm
is not something to be fooled with. >> that's right, between the first coast, the space coast, the treasure coast, all of it, there are a lot of new -- have you said, the population has exploded in recent years. this is a big, bad weather system, as a friend of mine who grew up in indiana today, pretty easy to be out in the midwest, comes from the west and blows to the east, they have heavy weather today but nothing like this system moving to the north and west along the coast of florida tonight. kerry sanders, our thanks. another break for us. we're going to look and see if anything has changed in the recent history, the path up to the minute, when we come back. this is lulu, our newest dog.
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so now eryone know.. we have some othe freshest jue in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at midnight hour has arrived on the east coast. notable, if you are in florida, because this is the hour that is going to bring that overnight high tide, and a lot of people were worried about the kind of perverse way that nature can bring a storm. it's not good. by the end of this storm we are all going to have honorary degrees in meteorology. this smile of blue inside a very violent storm eye. >>